The Sword and the Shield — Dante Exum and Donovan Mitchell sealed the final win in Utah Jazz Summer League


UTAH JAZZ, MALAYSIA — My first thought before this last Utah Jazz Summer League tips off, who is going to guard Jayson Tatum? He is NBA-ready and he played so well in the past two summer league games, averaged 22.0 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 3.0 steals, with 51.4 FG% and 25 3P%. My first option was Dante Exum, but Donovan Mitchell is the one who guarded Tatum. And the good news is, he did a good job.



Tatum had 12 points and 12 rebounds during a 65-68 loss to Utah Jazz on Thursday in Utah Jazz Summer League’s last game. Although his shooting form did not go well, but he proves that he has too much for Jazz to handle. When it came down to Iso-Tatum moment, Tatum used his size and height to score at the low post. He has a lot of tools with him and his fade-away shoot would let you think of Dirk Nowitzki. Tatum’s footwork is fundamental and I believe he can contribute a lot for the Boston Celtics when the season is coming up.


But Tatum was struggling and frustrating. Facing someone higher than you, Mitchell never quit but keep trying to lock Tatum down. Not to mention he got a pretty steal and Tatum was called for foul, trying to stop Mitchell from behind. Mitchell wasn’t take much shots in this game, but his defensive plays are big, and he can become much more better in defending opponents in future.




The Jazz used a late fourth-quarter rally to erase a Celtics lead and capture a victory, before all of them head to Las Vegas to start the big summer league. Exum had 16 points and 4 assists, while Mitchell, Julian Wright, Tony Bradley and Eric Griffin finished with 8 points apiece as Jazz won the final summer league game in Utah.


Abdel Nader led the Celtics with 17 points, while Jabari Bird and Ante Zizic scored 9 points each.



Jazz: Mitchell can average 3.3 steals per game…Jazz got 7 offensive  rebounds…Jazz shot 3 of 15 on 3s for total.


Celtics: Celtics made 19 turnovers…Zizic had 7 rebounds and 3 blocks.



Utah Jazz’s young men still OK after losing Gordon Hayward, extend winning streaks in Summer League


UTAH JAZZ REPORT, Malaysia, — The first night, losing Gordon Hayward didn’t hurt so bad, although it is just a Summer League game. Utah Jazz might not losing Hayward at no cost. According to Adrian Wojnarowski (who else do you think?), Jazz and Boston Celtics discussed on Wednesday the possibility of including Jae Crowder in a sign-and-trade agreement for Hayward, which could be a win-win situation.


While waiting further details being bombed by Wojnarowski, Jazz Summer League team is going to be OK after all.


After 87-74 win over San Antonio Spurs in the first game of Utah Jazz Summer League, the Jazz stunned the Philadelphia 76ers 100-94 in the second game at Jon M. Huntsman Centre, a win that gave Jazz fans perhaps just a little bit heartbreak comfort.



Life will be fine, I believe, after watching Dante Exum and Donovan Mitchell delivered another big performance for Jazz. Exum scored 26 points, Mitchell added 15 and thanks for Mitchell made clutch shots in the closing seconds to hold off the 76ers.


Joel Bolomboy scored 10 points and Eric Griffin had 14 points and 8 rebounds for Jazz, which led by 13 points in the second half. Markelle Fultz put up extraordinary performance with a fantastic fourth-quarter performance, trying to will the 76ers to victory after the Jazz slowed down, finishing with 13 points in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, Mitchell made the shot with 29.2 seconds left in the game.


Exum did just about anything he wanted to offensively early on, since he is playing for Jazz Summer League team, his shooting form is good and he has a smooth release, shooting 56.2% from the floor and 60% beyond the arc.



Mitchell wasn’t in the offensive flow early on like first game on Monday, but he had an impact at the defensive ends. The issue of lacking communication when switching defence is getting better in this game, and he was defending aggressively. Running up and down, making spectacular defensive play, had two games with at least three steals.



Jazz: Great dunk from Eric Griffin…Despite Fultz scored 23 points, Exum played defensively well against Fultz…Jazz shot 11 of 22 on 3s for total.


76ers: Fultz finished 9 of 16 from the floor, including 4 of 8 from 3-point range…76ers’s losing streak extends to 2 games.


Dante Exum and Donovan Mitchell shine in first game of Utah Summer League


UTAH JAZZ REPORT, Malaysia, — Like what Alex Jensen told us before, Dante Exum is too talented and too good to blend in Summer League. Coming to his fourth year as a pro (although he did not play in 2015-16 season due to a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee), he shines in today’s game against San Antonio Spurs, as expected but way too surprise.



Exum is everywhere, taking charge during every deadball. He is talking, teaching, directing and leading. We know that Exum’s shooting has rooms for improvement, but his shooting form is well today. Pull-up shot used to be Exum’s problem in last season, where his FG% is only 18.8%, but in today’s game he proves that his pull-up shot is improving and his performance is just awesome.



Rudy Gobert and Raul Neto got a front seat for today’s Summer League game, and they should be happy enough to see these young kids performed well just in the first game of the summer for Utah Jazz. Gobert and Neto watched their Utah Jazz grabs the victory by downing the San Antonio Spurs 87-74.


Donovan Mitchell was playing like he is the 1st pick of the 2017 draft class. He was spectacular with 23 points, 5 assists, 3 steals and 2 rebounds, nailing beyond the arc in a few plays. He has rooms for improvement, especially in defence. When the Utah Jazz switched defence, sometimes Mitchell would just turn around without knowing who is the one he should guard with.



Mitchell has a good vision of passing but in today’s game he did not pass a lot even some are easy hoops. For a rookie and especially in a summer league game, I won’t say this is bad, at least he is getting all the points. He never let the scoring opportunities run away from him. He was solid and aggressive and he is building a great bonding with the others in Utah Jazz. Exum talked with him, teammates celebrated his plays. He makes me smile when he ran towards Exum to pull him up from the ground.


Quite surprise to see Julian Wright and Eric Griffin to appear in Utah Summer League. Wright who was playing for Italian club Pallacanestro Reggiana for 2016-17 season came back looking for a chance in Summer League. He was a 13th overall pick in 2007 draft. Eric Griffin signed with Pallacanestro Cantu of the Series A as well on 1st of July 2017 which I think he is trying to maintain his condition through these Summer League games.



Jazz: Joel Bolomboy won his rebound battle against Tony Bradley…Jazz shot 10 of 26 on 3s for total.


Spurs: Derrick White scores 13 points in his first game for Spurs…Spurs shot 7 of 23 on 3s for total.


Zaza Pachulia stops Kawhi Leonard’s show


Whether Zaza Pachulia did it intentionally or accidentally, at this point of time, nothing we can do or the San Antonio Spurs can do to change the accomplished fact.

The Golden State Warriors won Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.
Kawhi Leonard is the real MVP. The Warriors can’t stop him when he was putting 26 points in just 23 minutes.

He didn’t get entangled with this issue. He is looking forward to Game 2. “Did he step under it? Like on purpose?” Leonard asked. “No. He was contesting the shot. The shot clock was coming down. I’ll have to see the play.” Next, Game 2.

James Harden’s leadership


We thought it might be the sweet ending for the Houston Rockets and James Harden.

The huge loss for Rockets doesn’t mean that there must be some major changes to the Rockets. Neither should we question that Harden doesn’t have the ability to bring the trophy back to Houston. “Everything falls on my shoulders. I take responsibility for it.” Harden said.

There is still room for improvement for Harden. And it might be insane. What Harden did in this season, he doesn’t hit his limit yet.

John Wall’s winning magic


He swept the dust all over the record book. The historical stat has to be changed.

John Wall has recorded 10 consecutive playoff outings this year with at least 20 points and 7 assists, the most in a single postseason. He passed the record held by Michael Jordan for so many years.

Wall, who is currently doing his great job in the playoff, maintains focus to beat the Boston Celtics. “We feel like we’re in control. We have the momentum. We feel like we can win there.”

Damian Lillard will win where he is now


Watching the clock goes tick tock tick tock. And we will never forget for how many times has Damian Lillard saved the Portland Trail Blazers at Oregon, and perhaps somewhere else.

No matter how bad a situation is, Lillard will always be there. Fighting until the end, with anger, confidence and fearless. “I’m willing to not win it. If I can’t build it where I am.” He said.

That’s him, that’s Lillard who always prove to the world what he can do, by standing against the world. That’s his mentality. #lillardtime , they call it.